'Wedding' noun


  1. a marriage ceremony usually with its accompanying festivities
  2. an act, process, or instance of joining in close association.

Why should you hire me to capture your day?

As a creative, I want to help you re-think what traditional wedding day photography has to be. Because the truth is, it doesn't HAVE to be anything in particular!

Most couples I photograph aren't crazy about being in front of the camera. Most feel a little lost thinking about what they will need to do to have those magic photos captured on their wedding day. The thought of one more -CHEESE- smile might make your stomach turn. Hey, if you feel this way - you're not alone! This is where I come in.

Let me be your guide.

I will be your ideas woman, your cheerleader, your pep in the step on what can be an overwhelming yet heartfelt day.

I will help you laugh, relax, really be in the moment and feel those emotions which will give you something incredibly special to reminisce on, forever.

I photograph the real, the raw, the emotion & joy in those moments that you want to savour forever.

Your wedding is all about you and can be whatever you want it to be - it's your story, I'm just helping you write it.

My photography features bold tones and imagery with feeling.

Yes, I travel. I'm always up for an adventure! Please contact for a quote.

Yes, I welcome all types of love! LOVE IS LOVE.

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